Social Impact

Every community deserves the opportunity to develop a better quality of life

It’s more than ingredients, is about making a difference.


We are proud members of Nueva Life, supporting communities located in La Guajira,Colombia (South America)

in the northern peninsula of the country. La Guajira is known for its desert terrain and the extreme

hardships found in the territory due to lack of basic needs for its people. 


Water & Energy:

Nueva Life purpose is to build safe structures that provide access to clean water to be utilized for direct consumption and farming. Provide renewable energy systems that will allow the community to be productive during the night and ensure the safety of its inhabitants. Develop appropriate  farming meth­ods through projects, thus creating a sustainable and nutritional cycle for individuals in our communities and its animal.


Nueva Life purpose is to build a safe and stimulating learning environment where children can focus on learning and creativity. Improve classroom infrastructure so children can be protected from extreme temperatures, have access to running water, and have the basics to obtain a quality education. Develop professional development opportunities to bring new skills into the classrooms so teachers can deliver knowledge in new ways and provide access to medical brigades to teach healthy living practices to our communities..

Why it matters


of people around the globe do not have access to potable water.


of children do not attend or get a full education because they lack the resources.

These are some of the outstanding achievements on 2021:

  1. Resources collection for the installation of 400 water purification filters,
  2. Installation of 17 solar lighting kits for families in rancherías,
  3. obtaining resources for the installation of 100 additional kits,
  4. more than $2,100 USD in sales by the artisans of the region through the Art Conexion platform,
  5. supplies and equipment for the computer room in the Murrai school,
  6. 4 fundraising events and we won 3 awards for our work in the region.